Samsung Launches Galaxy S5 In South Korea

samsung galaxy s5

Samsung was going to launch its new flagship “Galaxy S5” globally on 11th April, but now there is early launch is South Korea. Samsung couldn’t help it, and the device is on sale. Earlier, we guessed the device in not going to be launched globally on 11th April, because Samsung had some issue with the production of Galaxy S5, but who knew that Samsung will amaze the people launching it before the actual launch date.

Well, its all about business, and the reason behind the early launch is the South Korean Carriers. Actually, the regulatory found that the carriers were violating the laws adding maximum subsidy, so the the regulatory has imposed the ban for SK Telecom. SK telecom is the largest carriers in South Korea. The ban is that SK telecom can not acquire any new customer or offer handset to any old customer who wants to change the device. This ban will stay for 45 days, and it’s going to start from 5th April. Its not just SK telecom but the ban is for KT Corp till 26th April, and for LG Uplus till 4th April but this ban will be resumed for LG Uplus again on 27th April. Here we are, I hope this makes the things clear that the Launch date was 11th April and the Ban will start from 5th April, and this was going be the reason of huge loss for carriers.

Samsung were asked to release the phone earlier by the carriers in South Korea, which has already been launched now and you can buy it from the website of SK Telecom as well. Samsung Galaxy S5 has the price tag of $808 (866,800 Won), but this device has been launched in South Korea only, and the date for the Global Launch will remain the same, which is 11th April.

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