Samsung Galaxy S5 Might Not Be Launched Globally On 11th April


Samsung had a statement that the Galaxy S5 will be launched globally on 11th April, but there are some issues what Samsung is facing now. The issue is not with any features of the mobile but the camera only. Galaxy S5 has ISOCELL sensor in its camera what can make the photos more amazing with much better clarity than Galaxy S4.

Earlier Samsung used 5 element-lens for Galaxy S4, and now with Galaxy S5 they are using 6 element-lens. The depth of the both phones are almost the same, so Samsung needs better technology here to produce thinner lens optics. Samsung doesn’t have as much elements available as required, so it seems that it’s not possible to launch globally on 11th April and will be delayed.

As far as production is concerned, Samsung can meet only 30% of the production yield, which is going to harm the business just because of the lens optics thing. The estimated price for this phone is around 700 Euro, so the Galaxy S5 needs to be perfect according to its price.

Let’s see when Samsung makes it available globally.

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