Samsung Galaxy S5 has passed water-resistant test

samsung galaxy s5 water test

Samsung Galaxy S5 has met the expectation as Samsung said that the device is water-resistant. It’s even better than the expectation. We know that TechSmartt does various tests on new mobiles, and we recently published an article about the drop test of three major smartphones. Now we are back with the water test update which has been done by TechSmartt.

Samsung Galaxy S5 was expected to be inside the water (up to 1 meter) for 30 minutes, and the device would work fine, provided that you close all the ports and close the back cover properly. TechSmartt immerse Galaxy S5 into the water and left for an hour. After an hour when the device was taken out, it was working fine without any issue.

Do you think that you can put the phone into the washing machine? Well, TechSmartt put the smartphone into the pocket of a blue jeans, and left the mobile inside the washing machine along with the jeans, and the device was there for 50 minutes. The chances of getting water in the device was more, because it moved round and round there, and it might get broken as well, but nothing happened to Samsung Galaxy S5. It came out perfectly fine. So, you can talk while taking bath or can go to swim along with the phone, and it will be okay, but don’t forget to check if the back cover and ports are closed perfectly.

If you want to watch  the full video of the water-resistant test of Samsung Galaxy S5, here you are!

So, if you need Samsung Galaxy S5, you need to wait as the Global Launch Date is 11th April, and if you are in South Korea then you can get one, because Samsung Galaxy S5 has already been launched in South Korea.

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