Samsung Galaxy S5: 11 million units already sold

Galaxy S5 sales record

Samsung reported that its latest smartphone Galaxy S5 is doing 10% better what Galaxy S4 did. Samsung Galaxy S5 was launched globally on 11th April, though there was early launch in South Korea in a difficult circumstance, and Samsung failed to stop early launch. Since its launch Samsung has already sold 11 million units as reported by Samsung.

Earlier, it was reported that Samsung has shipped 10 million units of Galaxy S5 in 25 days only, and now the new report given by J.K. Shin from Samsung mobile confirms the sale of 11 million units, that means the all shipped units are sold. It’s little confusing, isn’t it? Well, if we talk about just those units what had been shipped were 10 million in 25 days, that beats the previous version of Galaxy S (S4). Galaxy S4 took 27 days to achieve the milestone of 10 million, though Galaxy S4 failed to beat S3 Sales target, and couldn’t even touch the figure of S3 sales (60 million).

Among all Samsung Galaxy S series smartphone, nothing could beat Galaxy S3 sales. Galaxy S3 took time to reach 10 million sales and achieved in 50 days, but sold around 60 million units, whereas Galaxy S4 could achieve only 40 million sales. Users expected a metal body this time, but Samsung could not help it and came with the same plastic body, and now there is rumor that a premium version of  Galaxy S5 (called Galaxy S5 prime) will be launched, and this time it will have a metal body, but Samsung has not uttered a word about this.

Well, booming the sale at the very start is normal when a device has been rumored for so long and then it’s launched, but the total sale makes the difference in the long run. I won’t say the device is lacking in terms of features, because  it has great features, like downloading booster, better camera (though some users reported the camera stopped working when the first shipment was made), water resistant, finger print scanner etc. So, many users has liked the device, but in terms of design of  the Galaxy S5, Samsung could make it better. Well, Just wait and see if Samsung can go as far as Galaxy S3 went in terms of sales.

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