Samsung galaxy s4 Android Kitkat update is available now

The Samsung Galaxy S4 has started receiving   Android 4.4.2 KitKat update in EuropeThis update has begun arriving from yesterday to all European terminals, and for now is only available for the unlocked version of this phone. Users with a Samsung Galaxy S4 purchased under any operator will have to wait a few weeks to receive the same update in their mobile.

News that brings Android 4.4.2 on Samsung Galaxy S4 are summarized in minor changes both visually and internally. The update itself is not accompanied by any detailed with all the new features of this new version. Still, it is expected that after upgrading our Samsung Galaxy S4 begin to notice that the phone operates in a more fluid and lighter than before.

The update has a weight of just over  400 megabytes, and to download, simply have to go to the application ” Settings “from your mobile to then click on the tab” More “, once inside, click on the last option of ” About device “and enter” Software Update “to update your phone without connecting to the computer. Recall that to update the terminal is recommended to have lit connecting Internet via WiFi, as well as keep the battery charged with more than 70% of autonomy.

The reason why mobile operator will take longer to receive the same update is because each company has to customize the update before releasing it to customers. Operators introduce small modifications Android updates  (both visually and in terms of compatibility with applications from companies), and only then they will release the update for all terminals.

Recall that this update has already leaked earlier this month of FebruaryThe version that was leaked by then introduced into the Samsung Galaxy S4 such developments such as a new lock screen an improved keyboardnew colors for the icons on the notification bar and additional developments concerning the performance of the phone. We assume that the official update is keeping these developments, so that the data that were released in that filtration can get an idea of what we find to update our terminal.

Also noteworthy is that this update of Android 4.4.2 KitKat and landed on the Samsung Galaxy S4 to the early December last year, but only made ​​it into the editing Google Play this phone. As we see, the more intermediaries updates appear in Android, the more takes users to receive their updates on their phones.

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