Samsung Galaxy S4 and Xiaomi Mi2S are on fire

Mobiles on fire

It doesn’t matter what brand of mobile phone you use, whether it’s Samsung or Apple, any phone can catch fire due to hardware issues (especially battery). A thirteen years old girl was sleeping taking the Samsung Galaxy S4 under her pillow, and she woke up by burning smell, and found her mobile phone was on fire.

It has been found that Samsung Galaxy S4 didn’t have original battery with the device, so that could be the reason that the phone caught fire when the battery had enough of supplying power. The chances of happening such thing with low quality battery is more, but that doesn’t mean that only battery might be responsible, because this is not the first time Samsung mobile caught fire. Well, Samsung has told will investigate it, and offered a replacement of the smartphone, mattress, pillow and bedding.

If you remember, Samsung Galaxy S3 has also caught fire a couple of times, and those had original battery with the device. Once in July,  it caught fire in the trouser pocket of a Swiss girl, Fanny Schlatter, and her thigh was burnt in this case. In May 2013, a Redditor also claimed that his Samsung Galaxy S3 caught fire when he was sleeping, he also posted the pictures of the burnt phone.

Recently, the Chinese company Xiaomi, whose mobiles are getting sold like hot cakes, had the same issue with Xiaomi Mi2S. A Chinese woman reported that her Xiaomi Mi2S model caught fire in the purse, and her hand and the other materials inside the purse burnt as well. All the parts on Xiaomi phone was original. So, Xiaomi also joined the mobile phone explosion stories along with the other brands.

Xiaomi Mi2S caught fire

Apple is not out of the explosion story, iPhone 5C also caught fire in the back pocket of a 14-year-old student. She had a gifted iPhone 5C in green color that was given just two months back when it got burnt. It’s not just iPhone 5C, but Apple iPhone 4 had also caught fire earlier in-flight, but it was said that the reason behind this was the shoddy screen replacement of the phone.

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