Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (SM-G950F) GeekBench Benchmark

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (SM-G950F) is an upcoming model that we have been waiting for. There have been many leaks and rumors about this model, but the manufacturer has not confirmed anything so far. A model as model number Samsung SM-G950F has visited GeekBench Benchmark and revealed some of its technical specifications.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 (SM-G950F) Geekbench Benchmark

note 8

Galaxy Note 8 scored 1984 in single-core performance and 6116 in multi-core performance. According to Geekbench detail, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 would run Android 7.1.1 Operating system and will feature 6GB RAM, Universal8895 motherboard is the Exynos 8895 CPU that Samsung has already used in Galaxy S8 series models. So it goes without saying that Samsung Note 8 would also feature Exynos 8895 CPU, but you can also expect another version with Snapdragon 835 CPU.

The last Note series model, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 didn’t do well. So the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 8 may not do well at the start as many people would like to wait and see if everything goes well, and then decide whether they should buy or not.

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