How to recover a deleted Google Plus Account

Earlier we informed how you can delete Google+ account, but if you have done this mistakenly and want to regain your access, you may get surprised. According to Google, once you delete your Google Plus account, you cannot undo the process. Google also has a separate article that can help to recover a deleted Google Account or Products, but this process is useless as far as Google Plus account is concerned.

After deletion of Google Plus Account, whenever you visit Google Plus, it allows to use only business pages you have created on Google Plus, or the pages you manage. You won’t find any option that can even help to start using Google+ from the scratch.

Deleting Google Plus

Here is how you can recover a deleted Google Plus Account

While deleting the account Google sent me to this page, I logged in and followed the step, and deleted my account.

After Deletion of your profile, Visit the same URL with downgrade in the end, and you can setup your Google Plus profile again. Once you visit the URL, login with your ID and Password, and hit Upgrade Option. It may seem strange that Downgrade link take you to upgrade option, but this is how it works.


Can I recover everything that was associated with my Google Plus Profile?

Google doesn’t have answer to this question on their website, but the answer is probably “No.” In my case, I could recover only and only my followers. The number of followers remained the same, but I noticed that I was not following anyone, all my posts and Group stuffs were also removed. So you should think twice while deleting your Google Plus profile, because there is no turning back.

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