How to delete Linkedin, Twitter, FaceBook, Google+ Account

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There are times when you want to get rid of social media accounts, and you may wonder how to do that. We will take you through the steps to delete/deactivate some of the most popular social media accounts.

How to Delete Linkedin Account

Linkedin is professional social media platform, and you will not find many spammers there like other social media websites. However, if you want to delete your Linkedin account follow these steps;

  • Visit, and login with your ID and Password
  • Hover the mouse pointer on your profile icon image, and click Privacy & Settings

Managing Linkedin Account

  • Make sure you are under Account and Subscription tab, and click on Closing Your Account

Close Linkedin Account

  • Give them a reason of leaving Linkedin and click Next

Why Deleting Linkedin Account

  • Now Enter the password and click Close Account

Close Account

How to Delete Twitter Account

  •  Login to your Twitter account visiting
  • Click on your Profile, and Select Settings

Twitter account Settings

  • Scroll down and click on Deactivate my account

Shut down twitter account

  • Read the detail before deactivation as you can make some changes if you still want to use Twitter
  • Now click on Deactivate @UserID if you still want to close it

Deactivate Twitter account

  • Enter the password, and click Deactivate account

Twitter account deletion

How to Close FaceBook Account

We have already discussed how to delete FaceBook Account, so follow the steps given in the article. We have discussed 4 ways to disappear from FaceBook, and that will help for sure.

How to delete Google+ Account or Profile

This guide will not delete your whole Google Account, but Google Plus Profile only. So follow the steps given below if you want to do that;

  • Visit, and login with your Google ID and Password
  • Read the warning and deletion consequence before you proceed further
  • Tick the required check box, and click Delete (Note : No warning message will appear, and you will lose your account, and the data can’t be recovered)

Google Plus Account Delete

Deleting your profile will not delete your business pages, and you can still manage them.

Delete whole Google Account

Instead of deleting Google Plus if you want to delete whole Google Account including Gmail and other services, you can visit Login with you Google ID and Password, and click on Delete your account or services under Account preferences section, and follow the instruction given on the screen.