4 Ways to disappear from Facebook

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disappearing from Facebook

Facebook seems to be a great place when we join, but gradually it might becomes a place/way that waste a lot of time and it can also be the reason of bad relation at times. This is not the case with all people, but we do feel it sometimes. Some people get more frustrated and some try to manage. Many users delete the account in anger, but later when they regret, they don’t find a way to retrieve it. So, you need to choose the option wisely what you want to do with the account: Disable it temporary or delete permanently. These are 4 ways that can help you disappear from Facebook, and you need to decide what option you want to go for.

Goodbye Facebook App

If Facebook is wasting lots of your time, because you have an app installed on your mobile or tablet and you get lots of notifications and messages that disturb you a lot, you can simply uninstall the app from the device. Get rid of something that gives you more pain than happiness. This will save your account from being deleted, and you can still use your mobile or computer’s browser to use your Facebook account. Once the app is removed, you will not be distracted by Facebook. When you wish to use again, you can install the app.

Block Facebook

This is not an effective option for mobile users, but those users who use computer or laptop to browse Facebook, they can block Facebook on the browser. This will not allow you and other user of the computer to browse Facebook. This can also be done via your internet/WiFi settings/control panel. If it is blocked via internet setting, nobody can access Facebook who is connected to that network. If you use Google Chrome browser, you can download a free app from the Chrome app store that can help you to block any site on the Chrome Browser. Here is the link of the app: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/block-site/eiimnmioipafcokbfikbljfdeojpcgbh?hl=en. Once you install it, then open the Faceboook site, and then click the right button of the mouse anywhere on the age, and then select block site, and then click on add current site to blacklist.

Disable the Account Temporarily

If you don’t want to use Facebook anymore, but want to leave a door open in case you change your mind, then this the best option for you. You can simply go to the setting of the Facebook, and then select security option, and then click on deactivate your account.  Once you do that, you need to select the reason that made you to leave Facebook, and then you can also select whether you want to receive further notification from Facebook or not. It’s all done. You can click on confirm to proceed. Your information and detail will be removed from Facebook after the deactivation. In future, when you wish to reactivate, you can do it and you don’t even require to have access to your email address.

Delete the Account Permanently

delete fb acount

Now you know three options that can help you disappear from the account, but these steps allow you to regain  the access. If you have made up your mind that you don’t want to use Facebook in future or want to delete a duplicate account or not interested in using the current account, you can visit this link to delete the account permanently: https://www.facebook.com/help/delete_account. Once you are there, you can click on Delete My Account.