Quora Users are Now Forced to Use its App

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Quora is a popular platform where questions are asked and answered by people around the world. I subscribed to its weekly digest where they used to send some cool topics that I liked at the start. However, this liking changed to hate later and then I just unsubscribed to weekly digest.

I am not trying to demote Quora, rather I appreciate their work where people can discuss things, ask questions, and get answers from users all around the world. But, I would certainly not want any website owner to force me to do something. It used to work perfectly fine on mobile browsers and it still works. However, they just trigger a pop-up in the middle of the reading and ask you to use the app or install the app if you don’t have one. The most annoying part is that you cannot even close that app installation pop-up. There is no option to close or skip.


Dear Quora, there are thousands of websites to gain information. If you are forcing readers to download your app to read articles, they would better look for other options. These days most of the smartphone users already have devices flooded with apps that even gets harder to locate. So let’s stop forcing people to use the app when they can use the website within the internet browser.