Preorder Blackphone 2 Now

Preorder BlackPhone 2

Blackphone 2 was announced in March, and finally company has listed on its website for sale. Now you can preorder Blackphone 2 via its official website. Its a product from Silent Circle and the device has one thing special compared to normal Android phones, that’s security.

Silent Circle intend to provide the best secure mobile to protect the data and privacy. Previous model of BlackPhone had tech specs like low-end smartphones, but was started to sale for $ 629 that was quite expensive. The new model should also stand somewhere around that price, but the hardware configuration has improved a lot.

BlackPhone 2 configuration shows as 1.7 GHz octa-core chipset, and it seems they have incorporated MediaTek, but they mentioned nothing. If this is the case, the price should come down. Device is 7.9 mm thick that is fair enough, and features 3GB RAM, 1080 pixels resolution, 5.5-inch display, 13-megapixel camera etc..

Upgrade or preorder BlackPhone 2

BlackPhone 2 supports faster charging as well, but there is no update how quickly the device gets charged. They have also not specified the internal storage capacity, but has confirmed to feature a MicroSD card slot.

BlackPhone 2 will come with Silent OS that is based on Android, but they have not mentioned what version of the OS it will feature. If you are concerned about the privacy and data protection, you may like to own one.

If you want to preorder blackphone 2 or request to upgrade the existing BlackPhone, you need to visit Silent Circle website, and click on Contact sale, fill the required detail, and submit it. You will be contacted by Silent Circle. Or you can just subscribe with your email address to be notified when device is available. They will start selling / shipping the device from September, 2015.

Preorder BlackPhone 2 here

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