Blackphone got rooted in less than five 5 minutes in the BlackHat security conference


Blackphone project is a collaboration created by Silent Circle and the Spanish company Geeksphone, and is designed to offer a full range of security services in a version of Android Open Source, called PrivateOS. This device is intended to give the consumer some assurance that the personal data will not be leaked to third parties. Anyway, Justin Case, TeamAndIRC, rooted this device in less than five minutes in the conference of BlackHat security.

Before you panic, I must say that one of the vulnerabilities has been corrected. Now, apparently, the only way to redo the process is with the permission of the user. Unfortunately, that has not stopped the comments against it, it was claimed that this terminal was impassable. The fact is that the dominant player in security of smartphones is Blackberry , a company that is especially proud to be “100% safe platform” of the business world and especially governments.

Everyday we see news devices in the market and these days security concern has increased for the users, so the mobile phone companies are trying to make the device that is more secure so that they can attract more users. If we take this practically, hardly 5 out of hundred people have important files in their mobile that they are afraid to lose, else most of the mobile users, have only common files, like images, videos, games, audio etc. They also use back up option to keep their files safe. So, in my view along with making the security better if such mobile companies can work on the features of the phone and provide better technical specs, this can boost the sale. Just take the example of Blackberry and Xiaomi. Blackberrey is an old mobile company though its market share in terms of smartphone is between 2-3%, and the newborn Xiaomi is expanding its market so fast, and their mobiles are sold like anything. If they can not learn from these things, then I don’t see another way to open their eyes.

Other specifications of the Blackphone smartphone

It comes with a 4.7-inch screen that has a resolution of 1,280 x 720 pixels. The processor of the terminal is a NVIDIA Tegra 4i, Quad-core 2 gigahertz, with which we will be sure to have a good performance. It has 1 GB RAM, that may fall short at times if we run multiple apps at once. The equipment features 4G to browse high speed Internet. Its internal storage is 16 gigabytes. Also has a eight megapixel main camera and five megapixel front, with which we can take great quality pictures. Its battery is 2,000 mAh, which means that will hardly run for a day. This smartphone will cost you $629.

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