The Most Popular Download Managers for Windows

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You should not be a professional to understand the importance of download managers for your computer’s activity. Every day an average user downloads from 1 to 20 files from the Internet. Without having a proper download manager, your file organization system can become a total mess. To avoid this you should carefully study the features and options of a potential manager before downloading it. The wide range of software on IT market makes it difficult for users to choose the best one. Every year companies offer hundreds of updates and brand new upload managers. This factor definitely complicates the customer’s choice.

So, if you are not ready to spend several hours on searching the best software on the Internet, look through our short list of top 3 programs for 2017 and visit to get the full list of popular programs for Windows.

Top 3 Download Managers in 2017

Our short list of the most popular upload managers for Windows consists of items, which are considered to be the most effective and convenient for regular PC users.

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So, let’s start

1. Free Download Manager

It is one of the most progressive upload software on the IT market in 2017. The crucial factor is that it combines user-friendly interface and complicated system at the same time. Free Manager provides a burst of speed while uploading, allowing you to preview video/audio files even if the process is not completed. Now you can upload and watch videos simultaneously. The manager allows continuing the interrupted downloading processes without losing documents. Moreover, the program is absolutely free. You get downloading by parts and several language support system (Croatian, Hungarian, Spanish, Polish, Chinese, etc.).

2. Download Accelerator Plus

This manager provides high speed of uploading, audio/video preview, and converting video files into MP3 files. It also has an option of searching for the fastest sources to upload automatically. You can use pause and resume buttons while uploading any video or music file. The file or any part of it will not be lost or broken. Here you get a convenient downloading history and checking the Internet documents by built-in security programs.

3. Orbit Downloader

This program will be especially interesting for users who constantly upload documents from the content providing websites. For example, YouTube, Flickr, Pandora, Rapidshare, etc. This manager also increases the speed of uploading, allowing you to tag all upload files. Orbit Downloader uses the smallest part of your computer’s memory, without overloading it. It supports the most popular web browsers like Opera and Firefox. What is most important, it supports all basic protocols – HTTP, FTP, RTMP, and MMS. Generally, it is a professionally made download manager, which perfectly suits the average user’s PC.

As you can see, the main features of all upload managers for Windows are very similar. Generally, they help to download files from the Internet at much faster speeds than your browser would normally allow. So, you can definitely try each of them to find out the perfect one for your computer.