Plotaverse Pro: Everything You Should Know

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Plotaverse Pro is amazing software that can revive your photos. You have to upload just a single image (JPG, PNG, etc.) then follow the simple steps of the software and you’ll get repeating movie file that loops so smoothly. Using this software, you can morph a picture into an animated clip of 6 sec.

Professional photographer Troy Plota created this incredible software called Plotaverse Pro, can give any photo many animation effects. Its many versions are available in the world of “photography. You can download and install it on iPad, iMac, iOS, PC, and Macbook. The Web version is also available that is by far the most powerful in my point of view.

Does it require any skill level

The most amazing thing about this software is that it’s very easy to use and does not require any special knowledge in the field of graphic designing. It’s good for beginners in photography. Simply, they can upload an image to animate in less than 5 mins. These days we already use so many images editing apps on our devices. Just think Plotaverse like one of them, but with much better options and effects. You can just upload an image and create pro-like animated loop effects in minutes.

Is the software heavy like Photoshop or Require Graphics Card?

Plotaverse app is lightweight and you can even use all the functionality without downloading the app as the web-based version works exactly the same. So you don’t need any dedicated graphic card or an expensive machine. Plotaverse is basically a cloud base app that keeps everything in the cloud, effects, files, exported items, etc.. For example, once you are done with the editing, you can export the file. The export remains under the Cloud (Storage given by Plotaverse based on your plan). You can keep them there as long as you like or you can download them and use for any purpose or on any website you like as long as you are not playing with others’ copyright material.

It’s quite different from other heavy image processing or editing apps that require a burst of images or videos to start the work. In this app, you simply upload an image and start to create your amazing work. You can wiggle the eyebrows of a person, can flatter the hair or set the eyes on blinking movement, etc. With a little time, anyone can create something compelling and creative. 

However, make sure you have a faster internet connection and you are not on the limited internet plan. As the app is cloud-based, it downloads everything from the server, so it consumes lots of data if you are creating lots of loop effects (animation).

Meet Like-Minded People or Explore What Others Looping

Plotaverse app, as well as web-version, comes with a social media like platform where people can share what they have created, explore what others have created, interact via comments and so on. So you can get inspired by others’ work and can also inspire others with your work.

Difference between an iOS and MAC/PC version

The application available for iOS and iPad is not similar to the software available for MAC. The version available for MAC is the most robust with 50x more elements than the iPad/iPhone versions. The iPad or iOS is a simple lite version. It offers basic animation points, anchor points, more than 800+ FX, etc. Export output option is also available in many formats like MP4, MOV, Live Wallpapers, GIF, etc. Apart from saving your work you can also share it directly on social media like Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Depending on the features its available in different pricing models.


1. Free Version

Everyone likes the free version. Well, the free version is kind of the app testing thing that gives you a couple of options. So you can test how the app works and what it can do. That’s all about it.

2: The Pro Version with Free Trial

It’s worth unlocking the pro version and you can get 7 days of free trial to test of all the features. Feel free to cancel within 7 days if you don’t like it and you will not be charged anything. The subscription is currently available at a discounted price

  • iOS Version is available at 33% discount that makes $19.99/year
  • Mac/PC version can be subscribed at 50% off for $99.99/year

3: Agency Membership

If you run a company or agency, you can go for the agency subscription plan. The monthly subscription costs $49.99/month and a yearly subscription is available for $499/year.

Using Web Version or Downloading the app

Web Version and App for Mac/PC

Visit Plotaverse if you want to use the Web Version without downloading any app. You can also subscribe to any plan from the webpage and download the app for Mac/PC.

Visit App Store if you want to get the iOS version of the app for your iPhone and iPad. The subscription option will be shown under the app after you have installed.

Looking for some samples of loops or animations made with Plotaverse?

Well, there are so many to explore. Just visit and you can view many animations created by Plotaverse users that they post on the Website as the website also works as a social media platform for Plotaverse Users. There is no need to sign in to view those looping Gifs or Videos.

Here is a quick tutorial to explain basic things how the app works

The video shows the demo where effects are located, how to add images, how to export from Plotaverse app/website, and how to download your work.