NTT Docomo has started working on 5G

5G by docomo

As we know that 4G (known as LTE) as well is not available in many countries. There are countries people still have 2G and 3G network, but some of the countries has kept up with the tech world and next generation network. Japanese company NTT Docomo is working on 5th Generation (5G) Network, but it will will take around 6 years to make it available commercially as NTT Docomo said that they have aimed to launch it by 2020.

LTE gives us the internet speed around 100-150 Mbps, but NTT Docomo is working on something big. This 5th generation network will be developed targeting the next generation users and operators which will give the speed up to 10 Gbps. The webpage will be opened before you blink you eyes.

Nokia is joining NTT Docomo, and they have collaborated to work together on 5th generation proof of concept (PoC). Earlier Nokia Network Services also worked with Japanese carrier in 3G and LTE research.

Here is the screenshot taken from firstpost about the reason behind choosing Nokia as Partner.

nokia doco 5G collaborationThe trial will begin this year, and the company is going to invest around 1.6 billion by 2020.