Now you can try Samsung device for 21 days before you buy


Samsung has introduced the trial option for the US consumers where customers have the option to try the mobile or the wearable for 21 days, and decide whether they want to buy or not. This trial offer is available for only 5 locations: Santa Clara, Los Angeles, New York, Dallas and Houston.

Under this trial program customers can try the latest Samsung smartphones which includes Samsung Galaxy Note 3, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Gear Fit and Samsung Gear 2. Customer will also have the option to bundle Smartphone and the gear together or can get it separately.

This is really a great step Samsung has taken. Sometimes we are really not sure if we want to buy a certain device, because we think about many aspects especially when buying a costly mobile. Now, users have 21 days free trial, so they can be certain after this period whether they want it or not.

Well, this trial is free, but the users need to make a refundable deposit via credit/debit card (Master, Visa, American Express or Discover only). If you decide not to buy after 21 days, you will get the full refund provided that the device is not damaged. The buyer should be a US residents, and should have a ID Card issued by the government, and need to be 18+ of age.

The trial offer cam be availed from the Five U.S. Galaxy Studio Locations, and here are the addresses:

samsung devices trial offer for the usa

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