Nokia Lumia and its new launch “Lumia 1520”

lumia 1520


We want a mobile with good features and stylish look. There are many mobiles in the market, but if we talk about style and look, the credit goes to Nokia’s Lumia series mobile. When Nokia’s mobile market was going deep down, Lumia has breathed new life into it. Smartphone users almost lost their interest from Nokia after introducing Android operating system by other mobile producing companies. Nokia did a good job with Microsoft.

Lumia came into existence in November 2011 with the partnership of Nokia and Microsoft. All Lumia series mobiles have windows operating system. At the start, they started with windows 7 operating system and now they are launching with Windows 8. From the start they have been trying to make it better in terms of design and features. In September 2013, Microsoft announced that they are going to take over Nokia’s mobile business.

Well, Customers don’t care what’s going on with their mobile business, but all we care about is quality, design and features. Every new model of Lumia comes with some new and improved features. Recently Nokia has announced to launch Lumia 1520, and this mobile will be available in the market soon. Along with other features this mobile will have some great features in terms of graphics.

lumia new release


Lumia 1520 has 6-inch HD display which supports full HD (1920pX1080p). I love the colorful profile of Lumia mobile. As I said earlier, they have tried their best to enhance the graphic feature of the mobile. So, they claim you can read the text easily even in the sunlight. The touch feature is so sensitive of this mobile. This mobile will be available with Windows 8 operating system, Quad-core 2.2 GHz processor and 2GB RAM which will make your work smooth and can do multi tasking easily. This device has 16GB of storage capacity, and it supports Micro SD card of 64GB. You can also get the benefit of cloud storage which will give you 7GB space.

This mobile is perfect to play HD games. Lumia 1520 has been featured with DirectX 11 and Xbox-Live Hub which will give you an amazing gaming experience on 6” HD display. You can download and play games or can play plenty of games using Xbox-Live Hub.

nokia lumia 1520


Let’s talk about imaging feature. Lumia 1520 has been featured with 20 MP main camera with dual led flash and optical image stabilization. They claim its image sensor is 50% larger than other mobile phones. So, it allows you to capture pictures with amazing quality. Its dual led flash and optical image stabilization helps you to snap a good quality picture even in low light. You can capture your memorable moment of your life with its 1080p HD video recording feature which records video at 30 frames per second. This mobile supports stereo audio recording. Nokia has used four high performance microphones with Lumia 1520. These microphones allow you to record directional audio which means you can record audio from one direction while suppressing the sound of other direction. This can give an unbelievable experience of recording HD video with stereo quality of sound. You can enjoy HD video calls with its 1.2 MP front camera which supports 720p video at 30 frames per second.

There is nothing to say about the battery of Nokia mobiles. People hardly complain about the battery backup. This mobile can give you maximum 95 Hrs of music playback. You can manage menu on the big 6” larger display. It has some better features like people hub and live tiles which updates itself when you are connected to the internet.

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