Nokia Lumia 2520: Amazing Tablet with 10.1″ Full HD Display

Some people always look for latest mobiles, but there are some who need big display. So, there is a craze for tablets now. Gadgets companies are trying to produce attractive tablets with amazing features. There are some tablets which can almost do all the works what a computer or laptop can. Recently the display size has been increased for tablets. Most of the tablets used to have the display size of 7”, but now it has started coming with 10” display which is similar to the display size of a netbook. It’s a good choice for those who like the larger display to enjoy their favorite games and videos.

Well, let me ask you a few questions. Do you need a tablet or computer? Do you want to use your tablet as a computer to complete your jobs (like, word processing, excel, preparing PPT slides etc.)? I don’t think most of the users are going to say “yes.” It is not comfortable doing those stuffs on a tablet, but there are some tablets which can be controlled using a keyboard and can help you doing the same job smoothly. Today, I am going to tell you about an amazing tablet which will be available soon in the market. You can understand seeing the picture what I am talking about?


At present, Lumia series mobiles are the best mobile of Nokia. Now, you can try Lumia tablet. Nokia is launching Nokia Lumia 2520 which has been equipped with good features. It has the latest version of Windows OS, Windows RT 8.1, and it will have free Microsoft office package along with the device. So, you can read, create and edit your documents anywhere you want. As we know, Microsoft office package comes with some apps, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc. which are considered the best apps for word processing, creating presentation and other official works, so it will rock with Windows tablet. This tablet will have 10.1” Full HD display which will make your work easier. As far as length and width is concerned, it’s 168mmX267mm, and this device will be available in different colors, so you choose a color you like the most.

Lumia 2520 colors

Lumia 2520 has an amazing display which is the best for both indoor and outdoor usage. The display will not frustrate you in sunlight like other devices. You can read and watch the things properly on your Lumia tablet. It is featured with 6.7MP primary and 2MP front facing camera which is great for video calls. Lumia 2520 is LTE equipped for better connectivity. As far as power management is concerned, they claim that the maximum standby time is 25 days. The battery capacity is 8120 mAh which seems to be good. It has internal memory of 32GB and there is a memory card slot as well which can support maximum 64GB Micro SD card. You have enough space to store your file even you can use cloud storage as well. I like the Nokia Power keyboard what can make your work faster on your tablet with up to 5 Hrs. of extra battery life, but this costs around $150. Nokia Lumia 2520 will cost around $499 in the retail market and with the contract will be cheaper.


However, Windows operating system is little slower than Android and iOS, but Lumia 2520 is featured with 2GB RAM and Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, so I don’t think it’s going to be that much slower. Features and specifications of this tablet seem pretty good.  Hopefully it’s going to do well like Lumia mobiles.


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