No Android Lollipop for Galaxy E7 UK users

We are here with a strange news. Samsung UK officially said that there will be no Android Lollipop update for Galaxy E7 UK model. A device (Galaxy E5) with 1.5GB RAM has received Android Lollipop update in many placed, but another device (Galaxy E7) that features almost the same tech specs and 2GB RAM will not get the update. Does it surprise you?

Samsung Galaxy E5 and E7 was launched this year, and they don’t have many differences except the display. Both the models were released with Android Kitkat 4.4.4. Not getting even single Android OS update after the release is bizarre. On top of that company confirmed via tweet Galaxy E7 will not be updated to Android Lollipop.

Android Lollipop for Galaxy E7

Every Smartphone company provide Android OS update at least once (If not twice or more). Galaxy E7 users must be very disappointed with this announcement, and anyone would be. There is no reason Galaxy E7 doesn’t deserve the update, and Samsung is supposed to look into it. One of the user even asked them if this applicable to all the users around the world, but Samsung UK replied that they are responsible for the UK only and can’t say anything about other country.

Now there is only one option for those who want to update Galaxy E7 to Android Lollipop, and that’s the custom ROM. However, it needs the phone to be rooted that will void warranty. This announcement will encourage developers to make custom ROMs for this smartphone.

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