Nike stops FuelBand production

nike fuelband

Nike has finally decided to stop its FuelBand production, a wearable gadget to check your health related activity. Nike were working on to make another version of FuelBand, a thinner and stylish version, but suddenly this news is little strange. Nike has already fired many of its employees related to the production of FuelBand.

Well, whatever the reason is, but Nike has confirmed that they will continue selling the FuelBand, already in stock and won’t stop offering support and service regarding this wearable gadget to its existing consumers. Nike said they will concentrate on developing software instead of producing hardware for athletes.

There are lots of brands, like Samsung, Sony and Huawei who already have wearable gadgets, and Nike will work on making and developing software for athletes, so that they can connect their existing device and use the services. This will give a broad scope to Nike as the platform can be opened for all the users and it doesn’t matter what OS they have.

Recently, the rumor came that Apple is working on its wearable gadget “iWatch” that is expected to be launched along with iPhone 6. Nike can get advantage of this as well if they can develop a great software to attract apple. Along with the advancement of the technology competition is increasing each day, and gradually all the major brands are coming up with the wearable gadgets. So, I might say Nike has made a wise choice, but time will tell.

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