New Heartbleed cyberattack affects Android and WiFi routers

Heartbleed bug continues to cause problems. A new report by the Portuguese Luis Grangeia explains how, due to the same problem, hackers can get into your computer via your WiFi network for new attacks and threatens your online security.

Cupid, that’s how it has dubbed this new type of attack. The malware can infiltrate through your wireless network through business or malicious routers and infect any Android device when you connect through the wireless network. Thus, the hacker could view all the data that exists at that time on the phone .

This could expose user credentials, revealing passwords, bank accounts or personal data. Grangeia has published the study yesterday and urged device manufacturers to improve the safety thereof. It is still not clear what the scope of the online attack. but is expected to have far less impact than Heartbleed. Whites are the most vulnerable routers EAP ( Extensible Authentication Protocol) which require a login and password, but the bad news is that they are usually very common in wireless networks.

In this case, a hacker could enter the router through this security breach and pull an entire WiFi network or steal a password. The researcher said that They do not have enough evidence to know how many devices could fall victim to a similar attack. What is more important is that the cyber attack can only affect those terminals that are within the WiFi range, greatly limiting potential targets.

This variant of Heartbleed going to be much slower than the previos attacks, This would not affect many terminals like the original attack, since the scope is considerably less, said Grangeia . Another concern is that many Android devices are still running v4.1.1 Jelly Bean, that is the most vulnerable of all smartphones that could be jeopardized. In a fit through the router, a hacker would offer an open WiFi signal and then steal personal data from any device that will connect to it.

Until last month, many of these terminals used this version (Android 4.1.1) of the operating system, including the HTC One . Most were upgraded after realizing the situation, but there are still a lot of smartphones with a security breach for this reason . Overall, this is a reminder that the world is still piecing the Heartbleed, even after the central servers have been fixed. The proof is that researchers can still see how hackers take advantage of such situations.

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