How to use Multiple FaceBook, Messenger or Instagram on iPhone

Once you install FaceBook or FaceBook Messenger app on your iPhone or any iOS devices, there is no way to switch user or logout from account. Instagram do have the option to logout, but for FaceBook and Messenger, the only way is to uninstall the app and install it again.

First of all, please decide what you really want to do. If you want to switch the user for a third party App, it can be done easily without installing any third party app.

For example : I Play 8 Ball Pool Game on my iPhone, and I always login with my FaceBook account. I can switch my FaceBook account for this app without any additional app, and this is how I do.

  • I logout from 8 Ball Pool
  • Go to Settings — > FaceBook
  • Click on your name that will appear there
  • Delete Account (deleting this will not make any change in FaceBook App)
  • Now login with the new ID you have
  • Now I go to 8 Ball Pool, and tap on FB Login option. It logs me in automatically with the ID provided in Settings

Note : If I don’t logout from 8 Ball Pool game, it still logs me out when I Delete FB Account from Settings.

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How to use multiple FB and Instagram account on iOS

How to use Multiple Instagram, FaceBook and Messenger account on iPhone

If you don’t want such things, and simply want to switch FB user or use Multiple FaceBook, Messenger or Instagram account at the same time, we have got a solution for you.

  • Install a free Friendly Social app on your iOS devices
  • Launch the App
  • Tap on Add Account 
  • Select FaceBook or Instagram
  • Login with your ID and Password
  • Select desired color
  • Now you get the option to lock this app with 4 Digits Passcode or Touch ID. You can turn it on, and set the passcode if you want
  • They also give you the option if you want to hide FaceBook Ads. It may help to save some data. Tap Continue
  • Now you get the option to Enable or Disable the notification
  • You have setup one account
  • To add another account, tap on the user icon located at the bottom right
  • Click on Add Account and follow the same procedure

Note : When you tap on message icon to check the message, it will ask you to install Messenger App. Just tap on Cancel, and you can check and reply messages.

Friendly Social App doesn’t consume as much battery as FaceBook does, and it also don’t frustrate you with so many annoying ads. If you want a complete ad-free service, it costs only $2.99. There is only one issue; You can’t upload photo to Instagram using this app as Instagram doesn’t allow any third app to post photos.

Due to its good service and less bug, Friendly Social App is rated 12+ in app store compared to 4+ rating for Facebook official app.

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