Moto X 3rd Generation Leaked Specs

Moto X 3rd generation

Moto X 2nd generation is outdated in terms of technical specs, so Moto lover must be waiting for the Moto X 3rd generation that could compete other high-end mobile available in the current market. STJS Gadgets Portal leaked the specs of Moto X 3rd generation, and here is the leaked specs image:

Moto X 3rd Generation

Moto X next generation mobile is said to be on testing at this time, and hopefully it will be released in September this year. According to the leak specs, it seems Motorola can get a warm welcome.

Moto X 3rd generation will have a 5.2-inch QHD display and the resolution should be 1440 x 2560 pixels, Moto X will have a great jump in RAM it will be listed under 4GB RAM smartphone which used to be 2GB. Front camera also have a great jump from 2-megapixel to 5-megapixel and the real camera from 13 megapixel to 16 megapixel. Motorola could also incorporate Optical Image Stabilization (IOS) with Moto X 3rd generation. There would be 2 variant of storage: 32GB and 64GB, users will have the option to choose

Along with other brand Motorola is also coming with a Quad Core Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor that supports 64-bit architecture. The best part of Moto X is the Battery. Moto X 2nd generation had only 2300 mAh battery, and Motorola seems to be enough sensible that increasing the specs and features consumes more power. So Moto X 3rd generation will has a 3280 mAh battery according to leaked specs.

Battery Power of Latest High-end Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy S6: 2550 mAh

LG G4: 3000 mAh

HTC One M9: 2840 mAh

iPhone 6 Plus: 2915 mAh

Moto X 3rd Gen: 3280 mAh

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