Monster Mania is another Addictive Game for iPhone and Android Users

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There are many games that are based on Candy Crush concept, Disney Emoji Blitz is one of them that we told earlier. Today we will tell you about another gaming app “Monster Mania.” The developer has used the same concept to develop this game but in a different way.

Monster Mania Game for Android and iPhone

Monster Mania has been created and developed by Cinder Games Ltd. You need to match same color aliens in this game, and you must match 3 to clear them. However, you are free to go straight and even corners. So matching same color aliens will seem very easy at the start, and it gets tougher gradually you reach the upper level. You are given simple color matching aliens and minimum score target to clear the level at the very start, and then you will be given task to complete at upper lever, e.g. there will be monsters in the cage, and you will have to match same color aliens and also bring the monster to the bottom to clear the level. You will also be able to unlock some cute monsters. If you are stuck at some point, you can use power up. You can download the app for free, and there is also in-app purchase option like other games

Matching Colors : Here is an example of moves. In the image below 2 possible moves have been shown in Blue and Yellow color. So you can drag your monster to clean all of them in one go.

Monster Mania Move Guide

Power Up : Power Up allows to clear the whole line horizontally and/or vertically. Depending on your selection only horizontal line, only vertical line or both will be cleared when you use Power Up. It can be bought once in a game by tapping on the monster icon with plus sign. However, you can earn free Power Up by matching 9 aliens in one go.

Power Ups in Monster Mania game

You should also know

  • You get maximum 5 lives, and if you die 5 times before 30 mins, you will have to wait for new life, and then you can play. You are given 1 new life every 30 minutes but can’t store more than 5.
  • You can refill all lives for 60 coins, or spend 8000 coins to get infinite lives.
  • If you need more coins, you can buy 75 coins for $0.99, 650 coins for $6.99 ……………. 8000 coins for $59.99.
  • The more color you matches in one go, the higher you score.

Android Users : Get on Google Play Store

iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch Users : Download from App Store

Here is a demo video how you can play Monster Mania game

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