Modi appears More than 50 times under top 10 criminal list in Google’s image search

top 10 criminals in google image search

Google’s search engine is quite useful to find any information, but sometimes it shows such things that may surprise you. If you use Google’s image search to find top 10 criminals images, you will meet some familiar faces that include some reputed persons.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi appears more than 50 times in Google’s image search, and he is the only one to appear that many times in top 10 criminals list. Along with Modi, you can also see Arvind Kejriwal and lawyer Ram Jethmalani. Ex US Persident George Bush also appeared, and Dawood Ibrahin, nothing to surprise to see him in the list.

Well, why Indian Prime Minister Modi and others reputed person appeared in the result? Well, appearing a couple of times is ignorable, but more than 50 times is quite surprising. Google works based on Algorithm and its result matches the best possible images to provide useful information. However, this could be because of the people opinion about them, their past issues and criticism what made Google to bring those images in the search result. There is a proverb “A Bad man is better than a bad name.” Earning respect is quite tough, and loosing the same takes a second.

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