Mistakes what we make using Facebook

mistakes what we make on social network

Although there are other platforms that offer similar features, but Facebook has become the leading social network in the world, with more than 1,300 million users. All of them have radically changed the way people communicate with each other. Users who have spent more time accessing the internet are more aware of the risks posed by certain publications commenting or sharing certain images or content. Crime on/via social networks is increasing so fast, and we need to think about the privacy in a better manner.

Currently, Internet users have learned to associate the virtual world for real life belong to the same area. This has led us to acquire some habits that normally we do not have in real life, but they seem very common in the digital world, said the security company Kaspersky Lab, which has developed a list that they consider is the top five mistakes that users make in the social network.

Posting the complete biography

The computer security experts warn that the most elaborate and complete biography featuring on the social network can be a mistake, since various services, banks and institutions may have access to your account at times. “There are cybercriminals who use Facebook and other social networks, as they allow them to collect all kinds of data, then hack the most important accounts, ‘the experts who advise to avoid publishing the names of family or personal data that can be used to attack the account by hackers.

Posting status and updates publicly

We like to get more likes and comments on our posts, so we post most of the updates publicly. Remember that likes and comments doesn’t change your life/status, but all it matters who you are, and posting anything publicly involve risks and troubles.  This way anyone can read what you publish – your friends, your mother, your children, your boss, your ex, employment agencies and multiple marketing companies and potential ‘enemies’ who are planning some kind of online fraud.

Using weak passwords

This is something relatively obvious and that all experts agree about the importance of the password that needs to be long enough and the combination of letters, numbers and special characters. Each user even uses Facebook to send private messages, you have to be careful if someone malicious access your account. If someone gets access to your account, you might get in trouble. So the experts recommend to change the password at least once a month, and check if there is another security option. Ex: Google has 2-step verification for Google account to make it more secure.

Share location

Undoubtedly, the geolocation has its benefits. With these systems, you can know where certain users are, but you can also be found by malicious people or criminals. This can be especially dangerous for children and youth. For ex: When you visit a restaurant or hotel, it clearly indicates that you are not at home, which can be very valuable information for thieves. To avoid problems, it’s better to keep it disabled as long as you don’t need it.

Wary of strangers

This is what we do not do in the real world, so do not do in the virtual world as well. We add new contacts who are not really friends or relatives. When someone send you friend request, you don’t even know what intentions he/she has. Once you accept the request this unknown person gets access to your information, whatever you publish for friends only, and could be used to do anything. In addition, many people use the mode of ‘friends of friends’ to post, so the locations and photos are also available for some of the people you don’t even know. You should be more cautious about these things if you are really worried about your privacy.

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