Microsoft’s latest OS: Windows 10, There would be nothing called Windows 9

Microsoft has unveiled their upcoming Windows OS, and it will not be called Windows 9 as we expected. This time Microsoft has jumped directly from Windows 8 to Windows 10.We can’t tell the reason behind this leap, but as we know Microsoft has been working hard to compete Google and Apple.

Windows 8 was a good try to bring the Windows Mobile and Windows OS in one platform, and now Microsoft has to say that Windows 10 will fit with almost all device that users would love to use, from a personal computer to a smartphone, a tablet or Xbox. And not only that, it will also work on multiple systems called internet of things. The operating system’s behavior will depend on the type of device you are using.

With this step, the Redmond company, hardly pressed by Apple and Google, aims to boost its technological ecosystem to these rivals. In fact, the company said that Windows developers can create applications that will work on all systems, which so far is not much expensive developments. In this regard, Microsoft said aims to make only one application platform for all devices with a common application store for them.

The firm will include various ways of collaboration, as a specific app for comment, share suggestions and report problems, and a technical forum to interact with engineers from Microsoft. Well, Microsoft seems to be going in the right direction if they really mean those thing, because getting feedbacks from users, and answering their queries in a proper manner can make them win more customers.

Windows 10 gets the classic start menu and includes a new customizable space from which you access your favorite applications, programs and websites. The shape and size of the start menu depend on the number and disposition of applications that want to take it.

Windows 10 start button

Microsoft also said that applications will run on Windows such as Windows 7, the user can have multiple desktops (each dedicated to a purpose), which can work with multiple concurrent applications in grid mode, and a new button will allow get a view of all open applications and files, facilitating management between desktops with a simple gesture.

Well, Microsoft believes that its operating system will gain credibility as a company capable of redefining the concept of personal computing. According to the firm Netmarketshare, only 13.4% of desktop PCs running Windows 8 or Windows 8.1. The could not be wrong as we all know the best Windows OS which was used by most of the companies and users was Windows XP, but many companies and people were forced to switch to other OS ending the support of Windows XP. After Windows XP, Windows 7 takes the second position so far, and Windows 8 didn’t last long. You could call Windows 8 a failure. Let’s wait what Windows 10 could do.

Windows (10) technical preview is read to download, and can be downloaded from this link:

Note: Please read the instruction and check system requirement before you download it, and make sure it’s not completely ready as they are still developing. You have better to keep backup of your current OS, else you might end up losing all your data.

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