Microsoft’s Biggest Shareholder: It’s not Bill Gates anymore

Bill gates

The time is not always the same, and it changes because of so many reasons. Sometimes, we change it for good and for our happiness, and sometimes it changes itself though we don’t want it. Bill Gates is the founder of Microsoft, and he has always been the biggest shareholder of Microsoft in the History which has changed now, and he is not the biggest shareholder anymore. I am not sure if people are aware that apart from Microsoft, Bill Gates also run Bill & Melinda Gates foundation.

Bill & Melinda Gates foundation was started in 1997, and Bill Gates left Microsoft in 2008 to work full time for the Foundation. Bill and Melinda Gates helps people to live a more productive and healthier life. Its main motive is to help people, and Bill Gates is concentrating in helping more and more people. So, He spends his more time as well as his money working with Bill and Melinda Gates.

Bill gates has already sold many of his shares and hold around 330 million shares now. So, this figure takes him behind Steve Ballmer (Microsoft’s former CEO) who holds 333 million shares.

Well, people love to earn money, but after a certain time people seek for happiness, not money, because when you know that you have lots of money and little time to spend, what do you think you would do? We are mortal, and helping people makes us happy and they always remember us. I believe that’s what Bill Gates is doing.

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