Mercedes G-Core Vision, a car with a big solar panel

The new car or truck SUV Mercedes-Benz G-Core Vision would have a hydrogen engine, also one electric. This could generate electricity from the sun with its plating plus hydrogen vehicle suspension. 

Mercedes-Benz, the German car maker debuted a new concept of an SUV that does not use traditional but hydrogen gas.

The Vision G-Code is an amazing concept with a modern design, but the most innovative and outstanding is its painting. When the G-Code is parked with its amazing paint the “multi-voltaic” electricity would generate in different ways. It would work like a giant solar cell that converts energy into electricity and also gets electro-statically charged, using the force of the wind.

Instead of passing generated electricity an internal battery would make it stored, Mercedes would use this electricity to facilitate the synthesis of hydrogen to create energy that allows running the new car.

The front wheels are powered by a hydrogen engine and rear wheels with an electric motor. It also has other tricks to produce hydrogen. For example, more energy is generated through the suspension system Vision G-Code.

The oxygen produced by the synthesis of hydrogen is routed to the interior, as needed, providing a “cooling effect for the occupants”. Apart from these it would have many other smooth functions.

This is just a concept, so it may take a long time to turn it into reality.

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