Mercedes-Benz presents the progress of its truck that is handled with a tablet

Future-Truck-2025 from germany

Video that is released by Mercedes- Benz shows details of the futuristic truck of the German company.

After early July Mercedes-Benz presented the new ‘Future Truck 2025’; now the German company released a new video showing more of the features of this vehicle that are amazing; also highlighted that with this technology they plan to provide intelligent load to this truck; your driving will be more easy, safe and enjoyable.

This stunning truck includes all the current technology that is being implemented in cars like voice assistants, touch screens, improved navigation and safety systems that can minimize the possibility of an accident. With these amazing features this truck is attracting more people at work who drive trucks, an activity that has been down in recent years.

The Future Truck 2025 features an autopilot system, called Highway Pilot, which can only be activated in road and Mercedes-Benz as “not distracted, not tired, not annoyed and always gives 100%.” This system allows the truck to move autonomously at speeds of 85 km / h.

With stabilization technologies progress, radar and proximity sensors, the truck always knows the status of your route. Furthermore, the system of vehicle- communication, allow fixing speeds and positions of other trucks in transit. Since the truck driving alone, at which point some LEDs positioned at the front of the vehicle are illuminated in blue, the driver can review aspects of the route from the tablet with which various features of Future Truck 2025 are controlled.

Future Truck 2025

While they still working on improving their smart truck, Mercedes-Benz still has a long way before we can commercialize the Future Truck 2025 addition still lacks convince legislators in several countries, including the United States, to modify the legislation in road management.

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