Mercedes-Benz F 015 would be the autonomous & luxury car of the future

There’s not always announced about gadgets at the CES in Las Vegas but also there’s declaration about many cars and such futuristic concepts is all the time full of technology. This is the F 015, the idea of autonomous luxury car and the future of Mercedes. It seems that it’s about to take off but not soon, the cars will still come with wheels.

The F 015 features will be included LED panels on the outside, both the front and the back, communicating if the car is in standalone mode or if a driver is driving the vehicle, LED panels work itself. The LEDs will be on and blue, if the car drives autonomously. It will turn white if there is a person inside the car to drive it.

The car will be made of a combination of aluminum, high strength steel and plastic reinforced carbon fiber, which will make it lighter in weight than existing Model of Mercedes S. The engine will be 40% hybrid electric hydrogen, but powerful enough to jump from 0-100 km / h in six seconds and a half, reaching a top speed of 120 km / h. Its range will be about 200 kilometers only by the electric motor.

luxury car of the future, according to Mercedes1

The car’s interior will be designed as a good autonomous vehicle with swivel seats to create a large central space, a “digital arena,” calling it Mercedes. As a good luxury car, it will have all kinds of electronics as small tables, side screens that finish in wood. A projector will be displayed all kinds of relaxing images on the screens, to make the trip more enjoyable. The seats will be automatically rotated to open the doors, to avoid suffering that often people feel.

The F 015 functions would also be integrated with the cloud. The idea: if you want to plan the trip the next day, you can manage the night before the trip from your computer, upload to the cloud and the car will execute without question the next day. You will also be able to adjust the temperature of the car a couple of hours before going to drive it, so will get it with well-conditioned. There will be loads of functions that you can perform via this car in future.

When will we see it available in the market? As is probably never, but a very similar concept should be operating according Mercedes in 2030, years after years.

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