Meizu Pro 6 can’t achieve iPhone’s 3D Touch feature

Meizu Pro 6 was rumored to feature 3D touch with the launch of new Flyme OS (based on Android Marshmallow). When we talk about 3D touch in smartphone, it’s only iPhone 6s and 6s Plus for now.

Meizu is unable to achieve the 3D Touch feature like iPhone 6s, and they may skip it. It doesn’t mean Meizu Pro 6 will not feature a pressure sensitive display. 3D Touch in iPhone 6s and 6s Plus supports triple effect. Example: In Photos app, a simple tap open the photo, but a firmer tap allows to peek the photo, and a lighter tap allows to launch the photo in full screen.

Huawei Mate S was the first Android Smartphone to feature Force Touch Display with 128GB Storage, but it supports double effect, and also costs so much. Meizu was expected to launch Meizu Pro 6 with fair price tag, and iPhone 6s-like 3D Touch Display.

However, according to recent leak, it’s difficult to achieve sensitivity like iPhone 6s display. So Meizu may skip the 3D Touch Display, but Meizu Pro 6 is still expected to feature Force Touch Display, that would work like Huawei Mate S.

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