MCOC Gaming App Causing iPhone Damage and Kabam Couldn’t Fix in 2 Weeks

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It’s been 2 weeks now since the last update of the popular game “Marvel Contest of Champions” was released as version 19.0 for iPhones and iPads. Kabam claimed that it brought fixes to many bugs, but it actually brought a series of bugs that Kabam and its team are unable to fix. The game players asked Kabam to roll back to the previous version of app on its official forum until the issue is identified and fixed, but Kabam neither rolled back nor fixed.

What happens when you use Marvel Contest of Champions (MCOC) v19.0 app on your iOS Device

As soon as your launch the MCOC app, the device starts heating up, and it actually heats up the upper part. Just feel the power button for a few seconds and you will realize. Gradually the whole device feels warms up and it gets harder to keep playing. As it gets overheated, the game starts lagging and the app even crashes and restart at times. You may also face the connectivity issue caused by this overheating issue as it seems that the app is causing damage to the modem of your smartphone.

What makes it worse is that many users have already reported that MCOC has started causing physical damage to the device. Here is one of the instance reported by a user on its official forum where you can see that the iPhone’s screen coming off.

Phone damage

What apple suggests about the usage of MCOC App

MCOC Guide published an article with the screenshot from Apple support team that you can see below. Apple agreed that this app is causing harm and asked not to use the app until it is fixed. Apple has neither removed the app from the app store nor added any warning message for the app. So if you are still using it, you may want to get rid of it until it is fixed, or you may risk causing damage to your iPhone or iPad.

apple mail

Why Kabam has not fixed MCOC Overheating Issue in 2 Weeks

Well, Kabam seems to have an incompetent team of developers that couldn’t find what is causing this overheat. 2 Weeks is really a long period to fix a bug that the new version of the app brought. However, they invited players to test the beta version of the app a few days ago and the entry is closed now. So some players are testing the new beta version and reporting Kabam. If it works fine, Kabam would release it for all users.

Would Kabam Provide any Compensation for this overheating issue? Why should they compensate?

Marvel Contest of Champions come with many events, arena, quest etc.. While fighting if the app crashes, you lose half health. The app lagging caused by overheat also makes it difficult to fight and you may easily be defeated by the opponent. So you have to use health potions, revives, units etc. to keep playing even that is not your fault. Since this iPhone overheat issue came up, many players stopped playing Arena as it takes lots of time and device may damage. Now those users lack Gold, Battle Chips, Units, Crystals, and 6-star/5-star/4-star/3-star/PHC shrds that are used to open new champions. There are a lot of things that players are missing and that oblige Kabam to compensate, but I am not sure how they are going to do that. Hopefully, they will come up with something after they manage to fix this overheat bug.