Did MacOS Sierra Resources just confirm TouchID and OLED Touch Bar for future MacBook Models ?

macbook oled concept

MacOS Sierra resources has started revealing new features that also suggest changes in MacBook’s Hardware. If you are developer, you must have noticed these changes when you visited OS X V10.12 API Differences Page.

Apple has already been rumored to revamp MacBook Pro models, and now the MacOS Sierra API Differences suggests that the rumor could be true. Apple may add the support for OLED Touch Bar and Touch ID.

MacOS Sierra API Differences (Hint for OLED Touch Bar)

OLED Touch Bar
Some concept images for OLED Touch Bar on MacBook have also been designed to show how it looks like. According to the concept image, users would be able to access some quick features from this touch bar, like  Notification Center, Music Player Control, Spotlight Search, Do Not Disturb Features, and it would also work as indicator to show WiFi and Other Menu bar icons, Date and Time etc..

Screenshot for MacOS API Differences (Touch ID Support)

Bimometric tap

Biometric Tap Inputs that you can see in screenshot above suggests the Touch ID support for MacBooks. Apple has already confirmed that MacOS Sierra will allow unlocking the device from Apple Watch. When a user is close to Mac wearing Apple watch, he won’t have to enter the Password on Mac to unlock. The touch could make the things even easier for those who don’t own an Apple Watch. Touch ID on Mac may also enable Password-less login for many apps and websites.

Well, we don’t know when such features or hardware will be added to the new MacBook. The new MacBook Pro may have something special for users, but Apple has not disclosed anything yet.

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