Mac OS X vs Windows PC, Which one is better?

Mac OS X vs Windows

Choosing a computer could be difficult sometimes when you think about which one is the best brand. However, when you think about your usage, it makes easier to choose the laptop/desktop you really need. Apple computers come with preinstalled OS X operating systems, but you can still install Windows OS. But buying a MacBook or iMac to use Windows OS doesn’t make any sense. In the same way, if you are looking for a Gaming Laptop, Apple computers could not be the best choice. Windows PCs are the best seller, because it comes in budget for many users who can’t afford Apple Laptops. However, OS X is more stable in terms of performance, and……. We will tell you why to choose Windows/Mac.

Why Windows ?

You may have your own opinion that you can share by comment, but here are some reasons why a user should buy Windows Laptop/Desktop

  1. If you are looking for a Gaming Laptop, Windows is the best. There are many games you won’t find for Mac. There are many brands that sell Gaming Laptop equipped with very powerful Graphic card that is not available with MacBooks or iMac
  2. You do such job that requires to have a Windows Laptop to complete specific tasks or run Windows based applications
  3. You have low budget, and looking for an affordable computer. Windows laptop can be bought for much cheaper price compared to MacBooks or iMacs (specs won’t be same, though)
  4. If you never pay for any app, and always look for crack and pirated stuffs, you are not going to like Mac
  5. Windows Platform has more apps compared to Mac
  6. If you need a laptop with touch display
  7. Windows PCs offers flexibility to upgrade hardware, but you can’t do much with MacBooks or iMacs

Why Mac ?

  1. If you need a faster and stable computer, get a Mac. Windows OS is very good at the start, but it gets much slower gradually. After a couple of months, you may end up formatting the hard disk, and it keeps happening. This is what I have learnt after so many years of usage
  2. If you don’t have time for maintenance and Antivirus stuffs, never buy a Windows device. Windows is the most vulnerable OS that is targeted the most by hackers. OS X is very secure compared to Windows, and you don’t even need an Antivirus
  3. Easy and Free Upgrade : Mac users can upgrade to the latest OS X version for free, and the update is not released every few days like Windows
  4. If you Need a laptop that can run Windows as well as OS X, Mac is the only option for you. Mac allows users to install Windows via BootCamp along with OS X. So you can choose to boot your computer in desired OS
  5. Multi-touch Trackpad : Windows also come with multi-touch trackpad, but not like MacBooks or iMac. With Mac’s trackpad, you can use 1 to 5 fingers together, and each one does a different job
  6. If You have an iPhone or iPad, Mac is the best companion

Myths related to Mac and Windows PCs

  • Mac has more powerful battery, and it runs longer than Windows; If you think so, you no nothing about the latest Windows computers. You need to do some research
  • Mac apps are expensive; It is applicable for those only who use pirated apps. Whether it’s Windows or Mac, there free as well as paid apps
  • Mac users can install apps from App store only; You can download apps from anywhere and install on Mac, but you need to change the settings from System Preferences –> Security and Privacy –> General,  and select “Anywhere” under “Allow Apps Downloaded From”

There may be some more benefits of Windows/Mac that we missed in this article, You can comment below to tell us. Choose a laptop/desktop that you really need. Don’t buy something just because of Brand.

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