Limit and control the internet access for children with Windows Device

We are in the time when technology is involved in our lives tremendously, and it is used for many purposes, work, study as well as entertainment. Logically, this also involves children, who now have greater access to internet through computers, tablets and smartphones. In this case, do you know what your children access on the web using their devices?

Regarding this issue, Microsoft has made ​​available two modern options (Family Safety and Kid’s Corner) to its users that allow parents to control and monitor the usage of internet. We are well aware of the dangers that exist on the Internet, and its value, “said Gonzalo Jourde, Manager of Marketing and Business product group of Office and Windows with Microsoft Peru. “What we want is not to limit the usage of these devices, but make the use safely.” You can check the guidance on Microsoft website and can enable the feature.

“Family Safety” is the option here for tablets and PCs, which allow you to control the usage as you can pick the time when your children acess the internet, and you can limit what kinda of websites, games or webpages they can access. UK telecom company “TalkTalk” has a similar product which comes with their broadband connection for free named “HomeSafe.” It’s similar to Family Safe, as TalkTalk users can access this optiob via My Account from TalkTalk portal and can enable, control, or disable it.

Family Safety sent email notification to your mail box associated with the with the details of all activities done by your child. It even warns you about suspicious sites that may have improper content.

Another interesting system is the “Kid’s Corner” which will be useful not only to your children but also to take care of some scam to enter your cell phone or one that want to bug you. This allows you to create an alternate user which can only access the application and data pages with your permission. This will be activated whenever you do not use your phone.

Definitely, these are great resources offered by Microsoft in order to guide our children when they begin the adventure of entering the world of technology and Internet.

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