LifePrint for iPhone, Android and GoPro brings Photo to life

We have already seen Live Photo features in iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. There are GIFs, PNGs and videos as well. However, it’s time to print a Live Photo, GIFs, Vines and Videos without loosing its life. Sounds like high-tech and expensive stuff, but don’t worry. It will not cost you an arm and a leg.

Virtual Reality is a good stuff, but we need to wear that awkward heavy headset, that makes us tired, and can’t wear for long time. In case of LifePrint, you don’t need such things.

Printed Photos with LifePrint looks like an ordinary photo, but it’s not just a tradition printed images. When you view the Printed Photo through your iPhone or Android Phone, the photo comes to life. LifePrint is a brand new unique Bluetooth Printer created for iPhones, Android Phones and GoPro.

After it goes official, here will be a LifePrint App available for iPhones and Android. So you can use the App to Print your iPhones’ Live Photos, GIFs, Vines and even videos. All the printed Photos are Hyper Photos that comes to Life when viewed via the App.

How does the LifePrint Works

When an animated Photo or Video is printed via LifePrint, the app puts the link to the image and saves it to the cloud, that link is not visible to eyes. Each photos can save up to 15 seconds pf animation/video. You can still choose to print a still photo if you want. LifePrint also has the ability to connect to other Printers worldwide, and you can share photos with your friends.

LifePrint Price, Printing Cost and Shipment

LifePrint Doesn’t need any ink to Print your Photos, but it will require special film to print such photos. Each print/film will cost you $0.40.

You can preorder LifePrint on Indiegogo, and it costs $129 only. This price includes Shipping Charge + 10 Photo Printing Films. You can pay additional $20 to add 50 more films.

LifePrint is estimated to deliver to you in September 2016.

LifePrint first Hands on Video

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