LG G Smartwatch will be launched soon

The South Korean company LG has launched its new smart watch, known as LG G Watch. This is a smart watch based on the operating system Android, and has become known as the company said this watch will support a large number of smart phones that operate under the same operating system. At the moment, the only information that we have corresponds to the photograph which accompanied the official announcement of the clock.

At first glance we can see that the LG G Watch offers an elegant and modern design that has little or nothing to do with the striking Samsung Galaxy Gear that the South Korean manufacturer Samsung brought to market about a year ago. In the case of smart watch LG, the design is much more like a conventional watch with the difference that in this case the screen (just under two inches as you can see in the picture) also shows much more information hour. Recall that the main function of a smartwatch is to make smart use of smart phone without removing it from pocket.

The little official information has been accompanied with the image reveals some interesting facts. The clock display is capacitive touch, allowing us to navigate the menu as if we were doing on the screen of a smartphone. The operating system, as already mentioned, is Android on a version specifically tailored to the watch. The device also incorporates a microphone, which allows us two things: the first is to control the clock functions through voice commands, and the second-probably-is the ability to make calls directly from the wrist. The LG G Watch is available in a single edition in black.

If we echo the leaks, we could say that the screen of LG G Watch have a resolution of 280 x 280 pixels. There is a memory watch RAM with a capacity of 512 megabyte, and internal storage capacity will be 4 gigabytes. But unfortunately, these data have not been confirmed.

The price and release date of the LG G Watch is still unknown. Rumors indicate that the most likely release date is the second this year, so perhaps for the month of June or even July we will have the opportunity to buy this smart watch.

Pricewise, it is likely that the LG G Watch would cost between 250-300 Euro. It is difficult to predict the exact price of this product, but if we rely on smart watches competition, that should be the expected price.

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