Can I access Kik online or download app for PC & Mac

KIK Online

Kik is a social messaging app that is not as popular as WhatsApp, but this app is very poplar among young users. With Kik you can choose who to chat with one-on-one and in groups, meet new friends with similar interests, send Photos, Videos, GIFs, Stickers, and can even draw something quickly with available tools. Kik Messenger app has received 12+ rating on iTunes Store and 4.3 in Google Play Store. Kik app is available for Android, iOS as well as Windows Platform.

Can I Access Kik Online ?

I have seen may users asking on Forums and social network websites if they can access Kik Online. When anyone mentions online in such way, it certainly means that the user is not interested in downloading an app, but access via browser on Smartphone or Computer. The answer to this question is “No, and No.” There is no need to waste time looking for something that doesn’t exist. However, there are still ways to download and use Kik Messenger app on PCs and Mac.

How to Download Kik Messenger app for PC and Mac

If you are thinking that I would tell you about Kik.exe or Kik.dmg file, then you are wrong. Kik has limited the app to Smartphones and tablets, so there is no way you will get such file on the internet. However, there are various ways to install Android Apps on Windows and Mac.

Many users use ARC Welder to test Android Apps on Computer, it is a Google Chrome Plugin. This is useful only to test apk files, and it is not really stable. You can test one app at a time without installing them on your system.

The best way to use install Kik Android App on Mac and PC is to use BlueStacks 2. It is very stable and comes with Preinstalled Google Play Store. You can sign in to Play Store with your Google ID and Password, and download any app from Play Store. It also allows to add apk files, and install them. Once you install Kik app there, you can use it like you do on your smartphone or tablet. BlueStacks 2 allows to install as many apps as you want, and whenever you launch BlueStacks 2, all the installed app will be there unless you uninstall them.

We have already written an article how to install Android Apps on PC and Mac. Read the article for step-by-step guide that includes ARC Welder as well as BlueStacks 2.

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