KeyChain Fails to verify after OS X 10.11.4 Update

Issue with KeyChain


I updated my device to iOS 9.3.1 today, and finally got the approval request on iPhone, and KeyChain is verified successfully.

Update ends

OS 10.11.4 update has brought new features as well as bug fixes. The new update has brought Live Wallpaper support on Mac, Passcode protection for Notes and so on.. However, it has also brought some bugs. We have already heard of an ongoing issue where users are unable to login to iMessage and Facetime app on Mac. I am not facing such issue, but I got another bug that I haven’t heard so far.

First of all, let me clear what really happened. I updated my MacBook Pro Mid-2014 model to OS X 10.11.4, and I was able to use all iCloud features including KeyChain without any issue. I had Setup Time Machine Backup, so I got the full backup of my Mac. After a couple of days of update, I got a new MacBook Pro Early 2015 model. I connected the backup disk, and restored the new MacBook with Time Machine Backup. I got all my data on new MacBook, and I logged in back to iCloud Account. All went well, but I realized KeyChain was inactive.

I tried activating KeyChain on new MacBook by going to iCloud option under System Preferences. First time I tried approving Mac from my iPhone. I got the approval request on iPhone, and approved it. It didn’t help, and iCloud was still inactive. So I tried activating with the security code what I have setup for my iCloud account. Once I entered security code, It sent me one time verification code to my Mobile Number, and I entered it. It didn’t gave any error, but KeyChain remained inactive. It’s been a couple of days, and KeyChain is still inactive. Now I don’t receive approval request on Mobile even I disabled keychain and enabled again.

Let me know by comment if anyone facing such issue with KeyChain. I have also made a video, that you can see what I am really doing to activate KeyChain on my MacBook.

** The video is little messed up, sorry about that.

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