Juice Pack H2PRO: A case that makes your iPhone waterproof with an extra battery

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Juice pack H2PRO

If you are a clumsy person and afraid of dropping your iPhone 6 in water Or you use your iPhone 6 in washroom Or you do such job that may cause your iPhone to get into water, then Mophie got the solution for you that doesn’t just save your phone but also provide more than 100% battery juice when your iPhone 6 is running out of battery.

Mophie has made an iPhone 6 case, named “juice pack H2PRO.” Juice Pack H2PRO include an extra battery of 2750 mAh that is more than enough to charge your iPhone 6 100% even more, because iPhone 6 has a 1810 mAh in-built battery.

Along with the battery juice Juice Pack H2PRO is IP68 certified that means if you drop your iPhone in toilet or bathtub, it won’t harm your device. It protects your iPhone under 1.2 meter water for 30 mins. Along with water it also protects your iPhone from dust and outer material. Assume you are having dinner, and a glass of water dropped on your iPhone. 😀 It’s is not destroyed when you have this case.

Juice Pack H2PRO is also MIL STD 810G-516.6 certified that also assures you that your iPhone won’t get harmed if it gets dropped from 1.2 meter distance. So if you drop it while taking out from pocket, it won’t break. Along with that it also comes with a scratch resistant protector for front that protects your iPhone 6 as well as touch sensor. It’s compatible with touch ID. This case provides the protection without destroying the user experience, and you can still use the Volume keys, silent button, headphone 3.5 mm jack and touch ID.

Juice pack H2PRO iPhone 6 waterproof case

Well, iPhone 6 users are in luck, but Mophie didn’t make it for iPhone users. May be they will make it later if this one gets sold like hot cakes. It costs $129.95, which is better than replacing your iPhone. So if you are curious to buyJuice Pack H2PRO for your iPhone, you can make a preorder here, and expect the delivery in late June.