iPhone users also moved to Samsung Galaxy S5

iPhone 5S VS galaxy S5

Kantar Worldpanel ComTech has revealed a data, and according  to that some iPhone users moved to Samsung Galaxy S5. The data is based on the five large European market (UK, Italy, France, Germany and Spain), and it has been found that those who bought Samsung Galaxy S5, 58% of them were already using the different model from Samsung, but 17% of Samsung Galaxy S5 buyers are former iPhone Users. So they switched from iPhone to Samsung Galaxy S5. Rest of them were using other devices or models.


According to their data, In may 2014, Samsung Galaxy S5 was the third best selling smartphone in Britain that was just behind the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5CWindows is still lagging behind and has just 8.1% share among the smartphones in these markets. iOS is standing with 16.6% share, and Android still rules the Smartphone and tablet world with 73.3% share.

There are not many users in the US who switched to Samsung Galaxy S5, though 8% of them did. In May 2014, Samsung Galaxy S5 was the 2nd best selling smartphone in the USA, and iPhone kept its first position.

I would like share the statement given by Strategic insight director at kantar Worldpanel ComTech “Dominic Sunnebo” who said:

kantarworldpanel statementI will not disagree, because these days users like the smartphone with the large display. Whatever the reason is of this liking, Apple needs to keep up with the market, else lagging behind is normal. I am not really sure why iPhone still cost more than any other smartphones even with the less features. If Apple really thinks to make the phone for the rich people only, so Apple should count that how many rich people are there in the world to buy a phone paying more price with less specs. Time changes, so Apple either needs to add more features and prove itself or reduce the price.

Apple was known as strongest phone as well, and during the test among three phones HTC One M8, iPhone 5S and Samsung galaxy S5, iPhone 5S was the first one to die. I have also compared the features between iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5, and posted the screenshot below. I really don’t find any good reason to buy iPhone.

Here is the comparative view between iPhone 5S and Samsung Galaxy S5 (ScreenShot has been captured from gsmarena.com).

If you can not see the image clearly, please click on it and can check.

iPhone 5S and Galaxy S5 compare

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