iPhone SE is bringing new inactive & Android users to Apple

iPhone SE Camera

Apple recently launched a new 4-inch iPhone SE, and this model features exactly the same design iPhone 5s does. However, Apple has upgraded hardware with this model adding more RAM, better camera and powerful Processor. iPhone SE features 2GB RAM, Apple 9 Chip, 12-megapixel rear camera, Live Photos etc..

It seems there are many users who still love compact smartphones. Among all iPhone SE buyers, only 35 percent users are those who bought an iPhone online in the last 2 years. 16 percent of iPhone SE buyers are switching from Android Phones. Over 48 percent buyers didn’t buy any phone in the last 2 years. So iPhone SE is bringing more users to Apple.

iPhoen SE state

The data also represents that buyers of iPhone SE are older in age. Over 45 percents buyer are 45+, and among them over 20 percent are aged between 45 to 54. Around 61 percent of iPhone SE buyers don’t have a college degree.

iPhone SE buyeers in Age

iPhone SE has received around 3.4 million preorders in China that is quite good for a smaller model, but we can’t say it’s excellent. Xiaomi received 16 million registration for the first sale for Mi 5, Apple sold 7.2 million iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in China just in two weeks. However, 3.4-million is a good figure for a 4-inch smartphone that doesn’t make any difference compared to iPhone 5s as far as design in concerned.

iPhone SE Data Source : IntelligenceSlice

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