Best iOS or iPhone Style Launcher For Android Phones

There are many Android Users who want to make their Android Phones Look like an iPhone. If you also want to do something like that, then we have got some cool launcher apps for your that will make your Android Phone Display and icon look like an iPhone.

How to make your Xiaomi or MIUI devices look like an iPhone?

If you own a Smartphone whether it’s Xiaomi or any other brand and it’s running MIUI official or custom Operating System, then you don’t need a launcher. You can download a theme from the theme store, and apply it on your device. There are many iOS-type themes in the store, some are free and some are paid. We have listed some free MIUI themes that you can check. Those themes are based on iOS and Apple Watch OS design.

Best iPhone Launcher Apps for Android Devices

  • xOS Launcher


The name of the launcher sounds likes an OS X launcher, but it is actually a launcher to make Android look like iOS devices. So install the and launch it. When you are asked to choose a home app or launcher app, select xOS launcher. Once installed, the display skin will change along with icons. One new folder will be created where you can get additional apps, like Wallpaper app, Theme app, Settings, and Single Handed Mode option. Single-handed mode works like iPhone device, but it doesn’t have a shortcut to enable. Every time you want to enable this mode, you need to go to XTools folder and tap on Single-handed Mode option. Don’t get confused with the search options because there are 2 search options within this iPhone launcher; one search option you will get when you swipe on the screen towards right, and the another search option appears when you swipe towards the bottom. So if you want to use the search option like iPhone’s Spotlight search, swipe towards down. It can search Contacts, Messages, Apps, and also give the option to search web and Wikipedia for a specific search term. This is a very popular launcher that has been downloaded by over a million users.

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  • vShare i10 Launcher

Vshare OS9 Android LauncherVshare OS9 Android Launcher

vShare i10 is an awesome launcher for all Android devices. If you have a Smartphone that is running Android 4.0.3 or newer version, you can install this app, and get the feeling of using an iPhone. The app comes with these features;

  • iPhone style icons and wallpaper.
  • Some apps also allow using 3D Touch feature. You can tap and hold on any app to get the options.
  • It comes with a Spotlight search option that allows searching apps, contacts, messages etc..
  • After installing vShare i10 launcher, you will see a Wallpaper and Theme application. You can use Theme Application to change the whole look of your device.
  • It also comes with an additional performance booster app.
  • This launcher allows hiding applications from the menu.

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  • Launcher for iOS 10


There are good features in this app that you will enjoy. The smooth sliding effect of the launcher is really cool, and there are some more sliding effects that you can choose from. You can access launcher settings quickly by swiping right on the screen. You can enable lock screen to get the lock screen like iOS devices. The shortcuts also allow setting up, enable/disable sound and vibration, changing background etc.. However, the search option of this launcher is not really good. It can search only apps, so if you are looking for a contact or message, you need to do it manually by launching those apps. If you don’t mind such search option, then you will enjoy the app.

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  • Launcher for iPhone 7 plus

This launcher is as cool as vShare i10. It also changes the icons, and make the screen look like an iPhone. You can swipe on the screen to get search option similar to Spotlight. The search feature can find contacts, messages, apps, etc.. When you want to install an application, tap and hold on application, and hit the cross sign. Like vShare i10 app, it also comes with Wallpaper and theme app that you can use to change the look of the screen. This app is compatible with All Android devices that are running Android 4.0 or newer OS. The app has been developed by PlayerPlanet Dev, and it is 4.3 rated in the Google PlayStore.

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  • Launcher Theme for New Phone 7

Well, this is not a launcher, but a theme. You can install this theme to turn your display into a fake iPhone design. However, you will require installing CM launcher before you install this launcher. If you already use CM launcher, you can just install the theme, and all the apps icon design will change automatically. In future, if you want to make the display and icon look different, you can download a different theme and change again. So you can keep changing themes as long as you have CM launcher installed on your device. When you get tired of it, simply uninstall the app.

Download The Theme Now   Download CM launcher 

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