Updated : Vshare i10 OS Android Launcher with iOS like Spotlight Search, 3D Touch and App Uninstallation

There are so many Android Launcher applications that you can find on Google Play Store, and that many launcher also creates confusion which one to use. If your Smartphone already has enough features, and its fast & responsive, you don’t really need a launcher, and you should stick to the original stuff. However, if an Android Launcher has new features that your Smartphone lacks, then it’s time to try how the launcher performs.

Vshare i10 OS Android Launcher

3D Touch

The new i10 OS V Share launcher support 3D touch. Tap twice on any app to get option. For example, tapping twice on Message app will give you the option to Send new message, and to read recent received messages. They are still developing 3D touch, so it doesn’t give so many options at this time, and many apps are limited to App rename and app detail option.

App uninstallation like iOS

Hold the app for a while, and you will get the cross icon on app like iPhone users get. Tap the cross icon to launch app removal wizard, and you can uninstall the app

Spotlight Search

The developer of Vshare i10 OS launcher has tried to made its home screen search feature like iPhone. When you are on home screen, you can swipe towards right to get the search option just like users do on iPhone. The Search option of this launcher can search Contacts, Messages, Apps, and it also allows to search on the web, but you need to tap the search term to launch the browser.

Additional apps for display customization

When you install Vshare i10 OS Android Launcher on your smartphone, it installs some apps automatically on your device, but all those are very useful. You will find Wallpaper and Theme, two separate apps on the screen. Wallpaper app allows to download awesome screens for your smartphone, and Theme app allows to set custom themes on your device. Each theme comes with its own customization, and it changes the design of the screen, even the apps icon.



Performance Booster

If you have used Clean Master app on your device, you must have noticed a shortcut icon in menu to boost the performance, this icon is created by Clean Master. In the same way, VShare i10 OS Android Launcher also comes with a Shortcut “Boost” icon. When you tap on it, it clears system memory and limits background activity to boost the performance.

OS Settings

Vshare i10 OS Launcher also comes with a dedicated Settings app (OS Settings), and you can do these stuffs from its Settings;

  1. Hide/Unhide apps
  2. Change text color (just black and white option is available)
  3. Add Additional Cities to Weather app

App Sorting

When you install Vshare i10 OS Android Launcher on your Smartphone, it sorts the applications automatically. It creates folder with Social name, and put all social messaging app there, creates “Media” Folder, and puts Media apps (i.e. Music Player, Videos Player etc.) there, and so on…

Weather App

The launcher also adds a Weather app on the screen that shows the weather related information powered by Yahoo. If you already have Weather app installed on your Smartphone, it is not useful.

Should I Install Vshare i10 OS Launcher on my Android Phone?

If your phone doesn’t support themes, and its Search feature is not as powerful as Vshare launcher, then you should certainly try. I loved its Theme and iPhone like Spotlight search feature.

Download this free launcher from Google Play Store

Note : Please note that Vshare i1o OS is just a launcher for Android Phone, it’s not VShare App Market.

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