iPhone 7 goes through some illogical tests

There are various type of tests that have been performed on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, like Water Test, Drop Test etc.. These tests at least make some sense. However, there are some tests that don’t relate to real life world, but these tests are done for fun. Here are some of them;

1. iPhone 7 Coca-Cola Freeze 17 hours test

New iPhones are not just water resistant, but also soft drink and ice proof. Did you know this? Now you know, but don’t try, because it was just a joke, and even water damage isn’t covered under warranty. This guy immersed iPhone 7 in Coca-Cola, and put it in the Freezer for almost 17 hours (video title says 12, though), and then breaks the ice, and take the phone out to find out if it is still running. Will you ever do this in your real life?

2. iPhone 7 Hammer and Knife Test

When you are so angry and don’t have something to scratch or break, the best thing to do is break your phone. It will make you feel happy for a year until Apple releases new iPhone. 😀 Have you ever tried to hammer your Smartphone or scratch it with a knife? Drop Test is the best way to check durability, but you can still hammer it if you want.

3. iPhone 7 1000 Feet Drop Test

Here is how it relates to real life : You are flying on Emirates, you asked a Staff to open the Window so you can capture some amazing views with your iPhone 7, but you dropped your phone. Oops! Hey Captain! Can you land the flight, I just dropped my brand new iPhone 7. Now you know what you have to do the next. 😉

4. iPhone 7 Boiling Water Test

The chef dropped his iPhone into water that he was boiling to cook something. When he realized he dropped his iPhone, he suddenly thought to cook something special, and kept boiling it. Here you are, iPhone Curry is ready.

5. iPhone 7 hydraulic press

This one is pathetic. I am note sure what these guys are trying to test. Such videos can’t be called a test video. Try Refrigerator, TV, Laptop, or anything. Come on! When you know something will break 101% why you would test it. It’s an iPhone, not Iron Man.

6. Cutting iPhone 7 with Diamond Blade

Can something hold Diamond Blade from cutting it? Yes, it’s a new iPhone 7. The most strong object in the universe. 😛

7. iPhone 7 VS Flame

I hope you probably missed the part when Tim Cook said that new iPhones are fireproof. Fire Damage is covered under warranty, and you will get a new replacement if you can succeed to burn it. Just Kidding! Watch these crazy guys.

Exception : New destroyer in learning phase

This guy is still learning how to do a crazy test. He couldn’t afford to destroy an iPhone, so he brought an iPhone 7 Plus clone.

Did I miss to include any pathetic test video in this article? Please let us know by comment, I love these guys who destroy their phones. You can also destroy yours, upload the video on YouTube and comment. 😀

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