iPhone 7 Concept Videos, Can this happen?

Apple always change the design in its next series of iPhones, and the “S” series follow its predecessor. iPhone 5 and 5s has the same design, so does iPhone 6 and 6s, but Apple upgrades hardware and add new features. Taking iPhones’ history into consideration, anyone can say that iPhone 7 would arrive with a unique design. We have got some concept videos of iPhone 7 that we would like to share.

Here are some iPhone 7 concept videos

This video shows something that is impossible. This design in inspired by Blackberry Priv, and they have even compared the design in the video. However, the sliding keyboard will increase the thickness of the device. We won’t say that no one likes physical keyboard, but yes just a few people do. Apple will never go for this, and this concept will probably remain a concept forever.

This one is Okay, but not something Apple will think about.The designer is inspired by LeTV One (X600). The back panel is kind of awkward, and the design is much like Android Phones.

Does this design remind you anything? Designer has combined iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 design together, and made this concept. However, it looks cool and logical.

It was from us, and it is not necessary everyone likes the same design what we do. Users have their own taste, and it varies.

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