iPhone 7 chassis image shows larger camera

There are so many rumors about iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Recent leaks suggest that iPhone 7 and 7 Plus will look quite similar to its predecessor as far as design is concerned. However, 3.5 mm headphone port may not be there, and new iPhones may also be water and dust resistant.


iPhone 7 Chasis image

If you have a closer look on the back panel, you may realize that horizontal antenna line has changed its position, and it has gone to the bottom and top. The camera also looks little larger compared to iPhone 6s. iPhone 7 camera may feature a rear camera with large pixels to improve the camera quality.

Based on those leaked Chassis images, this image has been designed for iPhone 7

iPhone 7 expected design

How about dual real camera? It was being said that only iPhone 7 Plus will feature a dual rear camera, and now this leak suggests the same. It seems Apple is not finding enough space in 4.7-inch model to equip it with dual rear camera. The larger model is expected to be called as iPhone 7 Pro (not Plus).

Some images have been leaked that support iPhone 7 Plus/Pro dual rear camera setup. Those leaked images show 2 cameras; Large+Small. Along with stunning photoshoot, such camera setup may also cover more area while capturing images, just like Wide Angle Lens.

iPhone 7 Plus dual rear camera iPhone 7 Plus Dual rear camera setup

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