iPhone 6 might have 4.7″ as well as a larger phablet sized display

iphone 6

Whatever smartphones come in the market, but Apple is always the talk of the town. It’s been a long time we have been hearing about the iPhone 6 and the world wide web is full of rumors which might be true, but most them are not based on any evidence. The report says that the production of the iPhone will start in early May, and it was said in Worldwide Developer’s Conference that iPhone 6 will be launched in June 2014.

Well, the launch will happen is 2014, but Japan’s Nikkei newspaper reported that Apple will launch a new smartphone in September 2014. So, how do you expect two launch dates? There is a rumor that iPhone 6 that is going to be launched in June 2014, will have 4.7″ display, but iPhone will launch a large display iPhone which will be available with more than 5-inch display. Apple has still not confirmed what the actual size is going to be, but if you look for it on the internet to check the other sources, some of them expect it to be 5.7″, while there are sources who think it’s going to be a 5.5-inch display smartphone.

Since the iPhone 6 came into  the picture, people started comparing it with other mobiles, especially with Samsung Galaxy Series, like Galaxy Note 3, S4 etc. They expected a larger display from Apple with iPhone 6, so the rumor is increasing like anything. iPhone always have a standard display size for its mobile phone, but might be after reading millions of reviews and comments, Apple might make the rumor to come true, and offer their users what they are looking for. As we know, iPhone always have different version of it mobile, like iPhone 5, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5C etc. So, this has increased the expectation as well.

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